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25X65 House Design with Floor Plan and Elevation

Hello Home CAD Community
Today we are here with a New G+2 Residential Home Design with its Floor Plan
25X65 House Design

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25X65 Floor Plan

The Plan is Suitable for a Joint Family.

The above Floor Plan Represents The Wall to wall dimension, Door, window, and Opening Dimensions.

Furniture Layout

Floor Plan Details:


  • Number Of Bedrooms: 0 on Ground Floor | 3 on First Floor | 2 on the Second Floor
  • Drawing Room, Kitchen, and Dining Provided On Ground Floor
  • 3 Attached washrooms are provided for every Bedroom on First and Second Floor
  • Front Car Parking and Lawn is given
  • Stairs are Provided from inside the house

You can Also Provide a Washroom at the backyard

For the Ventilation and Lighting purpose, the backyard is provided as shown on the floor plan

An OTS(Open to Sky) is given at the center for the ventilations of the Washroom air.

Built-Up Area

As you can see in the above Images the Built-Up Area is as Follows

  • Ground Floor Built-up Area:1000Sq. Ft.
  • The first Floor Built Up Area: 1190Sq. Ft
  • The second Floor Built-Up Area: 1093 Sq. Ft.

25X65 Front Elevation

25x65 front elevation

The Total Height Of the Building is 32 feet with a Story Height of 10 feet each

25×65 House Design

Below are the 3D house designs for 25×65 Floor Plan

Download 25×65 Project File

25×65 Residential house design with floor plan
Files Included:
AutoCAD files
Revit Model
pdf and image file w/o watermarks

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