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27X53 Residential Home Design With Complete Details

Are You Looking for 27X53 Residential Home Design?

27×53 Home Design


In this blog, I will be discussing its Floor Plan, Home Design and much more.

27X53 Residential Home Design Overview

Total Area 27 X 53 = 1431 Sq. Ft.

Number Of Stories: Ground + Two

Setback: 5 feet from Right 8 feet from the back.

23×53 Floor Plan

For more Floor Plan Details Check Video And Link Given Below


As we Enter from the main gate we get a Parking Space of 17’7.5″ by 1’4.5″ which is enough for one Car.

From the Parking area, there are two entrance doors to the house.

One for the guest and other for the family members.

As you can see in the plan Sit out are is given and from there is one entrance which takes you to the Drawing Room

Moving forward you get the Stairs and more you get the Dinning and Open Kitchen Area

One Door is given from the back which is attached to the Dining room.

Proper Set back is given at the back and right side of the building for emergency purposes and Ventilation

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27X53 Elevation

Total Height Of Building: 31 feet 6 inches

Story Height: 10 feet

Ground to Floor Height: 1 foot 6 inches

27X53 Home Design

Without Colour

Textures Used


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