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30’X50′ Home Design, Two Stories, Plan with 3D Elevation

Hello Home CAD Community, today we are here with a new Project 30’X50′ Home Design.

In this blog, You will be able to know the 2D Ground Floor and First Floor plan of the 30’X50′ Home Design

and also you can see its 3D Front Elevation.

and last you can download the Complete Images and also get the contact details of the 3D Designer who created it.

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30’X50′ Home Design Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

30x50 ground floor plan

As you can see the Ground Floor plan for the 30’X50′ Home Plan is given above.

When we Enter the main gate which is on the Right Side of the plot we enter the Car Parking.


From the Parking Area, we have the main entrance to our house, which takes you to the Stairs and the Dining Room.

The other entrance from the parking area leads you to the drawing-room, keeping guests separate from the main house area.

The Drawing room is again connected to the Dinning area so that the house members can directly go to the drawing-room.

Coming towards the dining room we have one entrance to the BedRoom and Other to the Kitchen.

We have created only one Bedroom on the ground floor which has an attached washroom and a dressing room.

Keeping Ventilation and Sunlight in mind we have left Setback area from the left which is 3′ wide and 5′ from the back.

First Floor Plan

Coming to the First Floor Plan,

The Plan is the same as the Ground Floor Plan, instead of the drawing-room we have created a Bedroom with attached washroom.

In the place of the kitchen, we can create a study room.

The Fist floor consists of three balconies one in front and two on the backside.

Terrace Plan

On the rooftop, we have a room and a separate washroom.

And also you can see a separate stair at the backside which is created to reach the ground without disturbing the first floor members.


Ground Floor

  • Parking: 15’X14’6″
  • Lawn: 5′ Wide
  • Drawing Room: 14’x12’4.5″
  • Dining room: 22’x11’3″
  • Bedroom: 12’3″X13″
  • Attached washroom: 5’1.5″X6’6″
  • Kitchen: 7’X13″‘

First Floor

  • Terrace: 7’2″x8’7.5″
  • Bedroom : 14’X12’4.5″
  • Lounge: 22’X11’3″
  • Kitchen: 7’x13′
  • Bedroom: 12’3″X13′

30’x50′ Home Design 3D

30'X50' Home Design

Contact 3D Designer of the Project


Phone: 03224660532

Company: Urban Solutions

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