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30X60 Residential Home Design with Details


Hello Guys, In this blog I have discussed a 30X60 Residential Home Design.

I will be Discussing itsFloor Plan Details, Column layout Plan, Elevation Design, 3D Renders, and Walkthrough.

Floor Plan Details

The 30×60 Residential Home Design Floor plan is created using AutoCAD Software which is displayed below:


Ground Floor Plan

The Ground Floor Plan Consist of two Section.

First Section Consist Of:

  • One Bedroom,
  • One Kitchen,
  • Store,
  • Puja Ghar,
  • Dining and Drawing Room
  • 01 Common Washroom & Bath
  • 01 Attached Washroom.

Car Parking Is Available.


The Other Section has One Bedroom with Attached Washroom and a Kitchen.

The Stairs are provided Separate. The Riser Height is 6″ and Tread is 1′. The Width of stairs is 3’3″ with one Landing as show in Floor Plan.

Front Lawn is 18’X14′ in size which Gives a Space For Children to Play Games.

First Floor Plan

The Floor Floor has a Single Section, which consists of:

  • Three Bedrooms
  • One Kitchen,
  • Study Room
  • Living Room
  • 01 Common Washroom & Bath
  • 02 Attached Washroom.
  • Front Balcony and Side Balcony

The Complete Building has 2 OTS for The Ventilation Purpose.


Front Elevation

The Front Elevation For 30×60 Residential Home Design Is Displayed Below

30x60 front Elevation

The Ground Floor Level is As 0’0″

The Parking Level is 2′ Height from Ground Floor and The Floor Level is at 3’6″ From Ground Level.

The Story Height is 10′

Side Elevation

30x60 SIDE Elevation

Column Layout

The Column Layout Consist Of Total 16 Columns with 9 – 9″x9″ and 7 12″x9″ Dimensions of Column.

If You Want To Learn How To Create Complete Column Layout You Can Check the Complete Step By Step Tutorial Video Provided Below



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