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30X60 Home Design With Floor Plan And Elevation

Hello Home CAD community
Today We will be looking at 30X60 Home Design

We will be discussing the Floor Plan, Elevation and Walkthrough and you can also download the Project files for 30×60 Home Design

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30X60 Floor Plan

The 30×60 House Design has Two Story

Ground Floor Plan

Number Of Bedrooms: Two
Washroom: Three | Two attached to the bedroom and one Common

Living Room

First Floor Plan

Number Of Bedrooms: Three
Washroom: Three | Two attached to the bedroom and one Common

Front and back Balcony


For The Dimension Of the Plan you can refer the Above Plan

The Stairs Are provided from inside the house as the floor plan is designed for one joint family

The Ventilation and lighting Purpose, we have provided a Setback from all the Sides of the house

30×60 Elevation

The Total Height Of the Building 30 Feet with a Story Height of 10 feet each and 8 feet for headroom

30×60 Front Elevation

Side Elevation For 30×60 Home Design

30×60 3D Home Design

Day View

Night View

30X60 House Design Walkthrough

Download 30X60 House Design Project Files

After Downloading the 30X50 Home Design Project File You Will get

AutoCAD Project Files

>Floor Plans

Revit Project Files

>Project.rvt File
>Enscape Renderings W/O Watermark
>Textures Used

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