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37X45 Residential Home Design with Details

Hello Home CAD Community, This is Pramod again here with a 37X45 Home Design

In this Complete Residential 37×42 Home Design I have Discussed the Drawing Details which I have made for you all.

The Topics Covered In This Blog are Mentioned Below and if you want to download the Project files and Pdf File of this Project ( AutoCAD, Revit, Lumion), then you can get it by the links Provided.

37X45 Floor Plan Design

35X47 Floor Plan Design

The Above Plan Is made Using AutoCAD.

For Video Description of the Plan Do Check the Video Given Below

32X45 Ground Floor Plan

We can enter through the entrance gate provided where you will find a parking area of 16’6″X 13’10”. After crossing the parking area we will find a gate to enter into the Drawing Room which covers an area of 17’3″X 10′.

From the drawing-room, we find two gates one to the left and another to the front. The left one leads to Dining Room and the front one leads to the remaining rooms and staircases. The kitchen covers 11’6″X 6’9″ and can be accessed from the Dining Room.

When we enter from the other gate provided in the drawing-room to the front we will find a set of Staircases and Washrooms to both left and right extreme ends. From the left and right of the staircases, we find entrances to bedrooms.

The Left Bedroom is 11’6″X 11′ in the area and has an attached washroom covering an area of 7’1.5’X 5′. The Right Bedroom covers 10′ X 11′ area. The Right Washroom is a common one opening into the common area covers 6’7.5″X 5′ area.

37X45 First Floor Plan

From the Staircase, we can have access to the First Floor of the Home.

After Climbing the Staircases we enter into the common area of the First Floor. The floor plan is similar to the plan of Ground Floor with a few changes in room allotments depending upon the usage of rooms.

The area acquired by drawing room is converted into the Living Room. In place of the dining area, there is a 3rd bedroom provided. Also, the kitchen is replaced with a Study room which can also be used as a kitchen.

The remaining room allotment remains the same that is the 2 bedrooms and the washrooms. The slab area provided over the parking or porch can be used as a balcony on the first floor with a larger area covering 21′ X 12′.

Stair Case Details

The Stair Cases Provided are Of Dogged Legged Shaped.

The Floor Height is Given 10Feets, Therefore Number of Risers Given is 20 with a height of 6inches each and Tread 19 with length 10inches each.

37’x45′ Elevation Plan

37'x42' Elevation

The Elevation Height Are Provided are as Follow:

  • Level 1- 0’0″ is Considered as the Ground Level
  • Level 2- 1’6″ is the parking level from the Ground Level
  • Level 3- 2’6″ is the Floor level for the Ground floor Plan which is 2’6″ from the ground and 1′ Grom the Parking Level.
  • Level 4- 12’6″ is the Floor level for the First Floor from the Ground Level and 10′ From the Ground Floor Plan.
  • Level 5- 22’6″ is the Roof Level From the Ground and 10′ From the First Floor Plan.
  • Level 6- 30’6″ is the level form the Mumti which is 8′ heigh from the Roof Level.

Front Elevation

Right Elevation

Left Elevation

Back Elevation

Column Layout Plan


The Column Layout Is Created using AutoCAD

The Total Numbers of Column Provided Is 14 in Which 6 Column Are of 9″X9″ and 8 Columns of 9″x12″

37X45 3D Home Model

3D Exterior Design Model Is Created Using Revit Architecture 2018

Final Renders 37×45 home design

Get Project Files

Get 37×45 home design Files with Free Editing and full support

The Items Included in this File Are:
35X47 Column Layout Plan(.dwg+.pdf)
37×42 Elevation shaded(.dwg+.pdf)
37’x42′ Elevation wireframe(.dwg+.pdf)
37’X42′ Floor Plan(.dwg+.pdf)
37’X42′ First Floor Plan(.dwg+.pdf)
37’X42′ Ground Floor Plan(.dwg+.pdf)
Final Rendering Images Without Watermarks(.jpeg)
3D Model (.dwg + .rvt)
Lumion Project Files

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