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45×48 Home Design with 3D Model and Walkthrough

Hello Guys, Today We are here with a New House Design Project
45X48 Home Design With 3D Model and Walkthrough

45x48 home design

In This blog we will be discussing out the complete details of the 45×48 house deign
like Floor Plan, Elevation, 3D Model and its Walkthrough
You can also download the Complete Project files ( link Provided at last)

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45X48 Floor Plan

The 45×48 Floor Plan Consist of:
#3 Bedrooms
#One Living Room
#Three Bathroom ( two attached & one Common)
#Parking for Car


For Ventilation and Lighting Purpose
3 Feet wide Setback is Provided from the Back and left Portion of the building

Front Lawn is Provided with a Setback of 10 feet and the right setback is 4 feet

The Total Built-up area of the plan is 1190Sq.Ft
With a total area of 45×48= 2,160‬Sq.Ft.

45X48 Elevation

Right Elevation

Left Elevation

Front Elevation

As you can see in the above Elevation the Total Height of the Building is 19 feet and 6 inches
with Story Height of 10 feets

45×48 Home Design

Download 45×48 Home Design Project Files

After Downloading the Project File you will get:
#AutoCAD Floor Plan.dwg
#Front Elevation.dwg
#Right Elevation.dwg
#Left Elevation.dwg
#Revit 3D Model.rvt
#Enscape High-Quality Render w/o Watermark
#PDF and other Images

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45×48 Home Design Walkthrough

Above Video gives you an Explanation about 45×48 House Design

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