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Activation Process for Autodesk Products

Hello and welcome to Home CAD
In this blog, we will be telling you the Activation Process for Autodesk Products like AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds max

First of all you need to Download and install the software which ever you want

Download CAD Software:
Note: you do not need to download the software if you have already downloaded

After installation is done a screen will appear,
asking to activate or run your software for 30days trail


Activation Process

When License Window Appears Click on Activate Button

Click on enter serial number

Serial Number: 666, 69696969

Product Key

The product key varies from software to software and version to version given below..

AutoCAD 2016: 001h1
AutoCAD 2017: 001i1
AutoCAD 2018: 001j1
AutoCAD 2019: 001k1
AutoCAD 2020: 001l1
AutoCAD 2021: 001m1

Revit 2016: 829h1
Revit 2017: 829i1
Revit 2018: 829j1
Revit 2019: 829k1
Revit 2020: 829l1
Revit 2021: 829m1

3ds max 2016: 128h1
3ds max 2017: 128i1
3ds max 2018: 128j1
3ds max 2019: 128k1
3ds max 2020: 128l1
3ds max 2021: 128m1

Click on Next.

Click on I have the Activation Code.

Run The Keygen file

Get Keygen File

Please follow all the step given below for success full activation

*turn off your antivirus
*turn off your internet
**copy the keygen file to the desktop
**Run the KeyGen File as Administrator.

Copy Request Code

Paste it to keygen request code

Click on PATCH (*successful patch should come)

Click on Generate Button.

Copy the generated code by double-clicking on it and pressing (ctrl+c)

10. Paste the generated code to the activation window.

11. Click On Activate.

DONE…You are now ready to use the full version…

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