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House Design In Revit | Exterior Interior Tutorial

Hello And Welcome Everyone to Exterior Interior House Design In Revit

These Tutorials, We will be covering the Step by step Tutorial for Creating a House
We will be Creating the Model with Exterior and Interior Design with Complete Rendering

You Can Download the Files Used in the Tutorials from the Links Given Below

Download Textures used

Complete Project Files

01 Tutorial | Introduction

Topics Covered In This Session:
✔️Introduction ✔️30×50 Floor Plan ✔️Importing Floor Plan To Revit ✔️Setting up Levels

02 Tutorial | Creation Of Model

Topics Covered In This Session:
✔️Creation of Ground Level to Ground Floor Walls ✔️Creation Of Floor on Ground Floor ✔️Creation of Parking Floor ✔️Creation Of Boundary Wall ✔️Ground Floor To First Floor Wall ✔️Inserting Door ✔️Inserting Column ✔️Creation Of Beam ✔️Inserting Windows ✔️Curtain Wall ✔️First Floor Work ✔️Creation Of Head Room ✔️Parapet Wall

03 Tutorial | Stairs

Topics Covered In This Session:
✔️Creation of Stairs on Ground Floor ✔️Creation of Stairs on First Floor ✔️Floor Opening for Stairs

04 Tutorail | Site work

In This Tutorial, We have covered the Topic
✔️Creation of Footpath ✔️Creation of Road ✔️Topo surface ✔️Creating Grass Material ✔️Applying Grass Material to Topo surface

05 Tutorial | Exterior Work

In This Tutorial, We have covered the Topic
✔️Creation of exterior facade

Tutorial 06 | Making Some Changes In Revit House Model as per client

Tutorial 07 | Creating Gate and Boundary Wall In Our Revit House Model

Tutorial 08 | Creating and Applying Material to our Revit Model

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