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Revit Complete House Design Tutorial

Hello Home CAD and Floor Plan Hub Viewers
Welcome To Revit Complete House Design Tutorial

With the help of these tutorial videos, you will be able to learn how to Create a Complete 31×50 Two Story House Using Revit Architecture Step by Step

We will be Creating a 31×50 house design,
for which we have created a Floor plan in AutoCAD

You can Download the AutoCAD Floor Plan given below

Introduction To Course

In this Tutorial Video We have discussed the Introduction to our Revit course
i.e, what you will be learning in this course

We are also attaching some images that you will be create after the completion of this course

Below Given Video is the Brief introduction about the Revit Course.

Tutorial 01 | Creating Levels

Download The Project Work Done In the above Tutorial

Download Revit 2018 Templates

Tutorial 02 | Ground Floor Plan

Tutorial 03 | Ground Floor Furniture

Tutorial 04 | Boundary wall, Inserting Gate


Tutorial 05 | Complete Ground Floor

Tutorial 06 | Complete First Floor Plan

Tutorial 07 | Stairs and Head Room

Tutorial 08 | Exterior Design

Tutorial 09 | Materials

Day 10 | Toposurface

Tutorial 11 | Boundary wall design

Tutorial 12 | Lights and model text

Tutorial 13 | Rendering Using Enscape

Thank You all for your love and support
We have Completed This House design Series now

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