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How to Create Compass In AutoCAD

Hello Home CAD Readers, Today we will be learning about “How to Create Compass In AutoCAD

After Creating The Compass we will be also Checking How to Insert The File in a Floor Plan.

You Can also Download the Compass .dwg file from the Download Button Given In Last.

How to Create Compass In AutoCAD

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Now let us get started with the Tutorial How to Create Compass In AutoCAD


Video Tutorial

Steps For How to Create Compass

First Create A Circle of Radius 50

Now Create The Second Circle of Radius 35

Then After Creating a Circle draw a line as shown below

Select the Line and do Polar array by short key:

  • AR(enter)
  • Select Object(enter)
  • PO(enter)
  • Specify Center Point
  • And Input Number of Items to 8

Again Create line as shown below using Mirror Command

Again select the created line and do Polar Array with number of items 04

Now Trim The extra Line And Do Solid Hatch As Show Below

At Last, Write Down The Text Using Single Line Text Or Multi-Line Text

Now After Creating The Drawing Convert It Into Write Block

And to Insert The Drawing Into Other File use Insert Command: I(enter)

Download Compass File

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