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Revit House Design | 38X38 G+1 House Tutorial

Hello And Welcome to Revit House Design Tutorial Series

Revit House Design

In this Tutorial we are going to design a 38×38 House Design Using Revit Software

The Complete Tutorials are uploaded to our YouTube Channel Floor plan Hub
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As said in the Tutorial Video, You can Download Free AutoCAD Floor Plan used in the Tutorial for free

You can also buy the complete project files show in the video from below given button

So I hope you have got the Complete Files and You are ready to start the tutorials

Modelling House in Revit | Tutorial 01

In this Tutorial Video, we have covered how to import AutoCAD Floor Plan to Revit and start working on it

Exterior Design in Revit | Tutorial 02

In this Video we and created our Exterior House Design

Applying Materials in Revit| Tutorials 03

In This Tutorial Video we told you how to Create and Apply material to our House

Revit House Design

Lighting In Revit | Tutorial 04

Vray Rendering | Tutorial 05

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