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Short Forms Commonly Used In Civil Engineering

Hey Guys In this blog We will be Checking out the
Short Forms Commonly used In Civil Engineering and Architectural Field

Short Forms Commonly Used In Civil Engineering

Let us Get Started with the Abbreviations commonly used:

E.F – Each Face
E.L.C.B – Electrical Leakage Circuit Breaker
E.P – Embedment Plates
E.M.D – Earnest Money Deposit
E.R.W- Electrical Resistant Welding
E.W.C– European (Western) Water Closet

F.A – Fine Aggregate (sand)
F.C – False Ceiling
F.F.L – Finished Floor Level
F.M – Fineness Modulus
F.O.L – Fuel, Oil & Lubricants
F.O.R – Free on Oil
F.R.P – Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic
F.T – Floor Trap
F.T.L – Fluorescent Tube Light

G.C.C – General Condition of Contract
G.F.C Drg – Good for Construction Drawing
G.F.L – Ground Floor Level
G.I – Glavanized Iron
G.L – Ground Level
G.L.S Lamp – General Lighting Service Lamp
G.F.R.C – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
G.T – Gulty Trap

H.D. Cover – Heavy Duty Cover
H.D.P.L – High-Density Polythene
H.G.L – Hydraulic Gradient Line
H.P – Horse Power
H.P.M.V Fitting – High-Pressure Mercury Vapour Fitting
H.P.R.V – High-Pressure Pressure Valve
H.P.S.V Fitting – High-Pressure Sodium Vapour Fitting
H.S.D Bar – High Strength Deform Bar
H.T. Cable – High Tension Cable

I.C – Inspection Chamber
I.D – Internal Dia
I.L – Invert Level
I.P.S – Indian Patent Stone
I.S – Indian Standard
I.S.A – Indian Standard Angle
I.S.M.B – Indian Standard Medium Beam
I.S.S.B – Indian Standard Square Beam
I.W.C – Indian Water Closet

L.B – Lintel Beam
L..C.C – Lean Cement Concrete
L.D – Liquidity Damages
L.D Cover – Light Duty Cover
L.D.P.E – Low Density Polythene
L.L – Live Load, Liquid Limit
L.L.D.P.E – Linear Low Density Polythene
L.O.I – Letter of Intent
L.P.D – Liters Per Day
L.T. CABLE – Low Tension Cable

M.B – Measurement Book
M.C– Moisture Content
M.C.B – Miniature Circuit Breaker
M.C.C – Motor Control Centre
M.C.C.B – Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
M.D.Cover – Medium Density Fibre Board
M.D.F. Board – Medium Density Fibre Board
M.G – Medium Guage
M.I – Moment Of Inertia
M.O – Masonry Opening
M.O.U – Memorandum of Understanding
M.R.P – Manufacturer Retail Price
M.S – Mild Steel
M.S.L – Mean Sea Level
M.W.C – Meters of Water Column

N.A – Not Applicable, Neutral Axis, Necessary Action
N.B – Nominal bore
N.D.T – Non-Destructive Test
N.G – Narrow Gauge
N.R.V – Non-Return Valve
N.T.S – Not to Scale

O.B.D – Oil Bound Distemper
O.C.B – Oil Circuit Breaker
O.D – Outer Dia
O.H. & P – Overhead & Profit
O.H.T – Overhead Tank
O.M.C – Optimum Moisture Content
O.P.C – Ordinary Portland Cement
O.W.C – Orissa Water Closet

P.B – Plinth Beam
P.C.C – Plain Cement Concrete Work
P.E – Preliminary Estimate
P.F.R.C – Plastic Fibre Reinforced Concrete
P.I – Plasticity Index
P.L – Plastic Limit, Plinth Level
P.L.P.B – Preleaminated Particle Board
P.M.C – Polymer Modified Concrete, Project Management Consultancy

P.O – Purchase Order
P.O.P – Plaster Of Paris
P.P.B – Plain Particle Board
P.P.C – Pozzolana Portland Board
P.P.M – Parts Per Million
P.P.R – Polypropylana Portland Cement
P.R.V – Pressure Relief Valve
P.S. Bars – Plain Steel Bars
P.T.M.T – Poly Tetra Methylene Terephthalate
P.U.F – Polyurethane foam
P.V.C – Polyvinyl Chloride
P.V.D.F Coating – Poly Vinylidene

R.B.C – Reinforced Brick Ceiling
R.C – Reinforced Concrete
R.C.C – Reinforced Cement Concrete
R.E – Revised Estimate
R.L – Reduced Level
R.M.C – Ready Mix Concrete

So These were some Short Forms Commonly Used In Civil Engineering and Architectural Field
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